Audibel A4i and Starkey’s Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aid is an exciting breakthrough for those who are suffering in silence with their hearing loss. The Halo 2 connects directly to the user’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch through a free Trulink Hearing Control App which is easily downloadable. It is also compatible with select Android phones and watches. Users don’t need to carry a third device, instead phone calls, music and other media are all streamed through the app resulting in a discreet, easily-mobile and high quality audio experience.

Audibel A4i and Starkey’s Halo 2 works directly with the Trulink Hearing Control App to allow direct streaming of phone calls, music and other media straight to the user’s hearing aid. If you are updating your iOS version on your iPhone, the connection to your hearing aid may be lost. This is easily solved by simply un-pairing and then re-pairing your hearing aid to your iPhone. Halo 2 is offered in two sleek styles and is available for mild to severe hearing loss.

A4i and Halo 2 boasts many feature to improve the user’s comfort and privacy. Listening to conversations in a noisy environment can be challenging for those who suffer from hearing loss. To combat this, Halo 2 reduces background noise through their directional microphone and advanced noise reduction technology. It also cancels out any annoying feedback and reduces high pitched voices or noises to a more comfortable frequency.
Missing every second or third word while having a telephone conversation will no longer be a problem with Halo 2’s direct streaming of calls which ensures clear and enhanced communication. The direct streaming also promises a greater listening experience for enjoying any music or media on your iPhone. The SoundSpace Tool on the Trulink Hearing Control App allows the user to adjust the audio quality based on their own needs whenever they need to.

The Trulink Hearing Control App allows the user to use their iPhone or Apple Watch as a remote control for adjusting their hearing aid if needed. So if out in company, they will be able to increase or decrease volume without drawing any attention to themselves and avoid any embarrassing questions. “Depending on your social circles, there might be times when pulling your iPhone out of your pocket can seem rude, but if you are trying to be discreet the iPhone offers much more cover than the manually-adjustable aids”, says Anthony Wing Kosner of
Another feature of the Trulink Hearing Control App is geotagging which makes life easier on the user by adjusting volume depending on their location. Geotagging remembers the users hearing preferences based on different locations and will switch modes when the GPS detects them in a tagged location. So if a user works in a noisy environment, the geotagging feature will switch to a lower volume mode on the hearing aid when they arrive at work. This means the user isn’t constantly adjusting their hearing aid when moving between familiar locations.
For tinnitus sufferers the Halo 2 also offers Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. This allows the hearing aid to be personalized by an audiologist so that the signal will block the tinnitus buzzing and allow the user to hear the sounds they need to. For many this feature will provide much ease and improve the ability to concentrate on conversations or at work.

Finally, due to their size hearing aids are often misplaced, but thanks to a feature in the Trulink Hearing Control App it is possible to track the location of the lost hearing aid.

If you are looking for a personalised, unobtrusive hearing aid you need not look further than the user-friendly Starkey’s Halo 2.