If you only wearing your hearing aids when you leave the house or for a special occasion, you’re not alone. However, it’s important to wear your hearing aids all day, every day, and in this post, we’re going to tell you exactly why. Keep in mind that your brain is very much involved in the hearing process and needs to hear to keep working right.

Here’s why it’s important to wear your hearing aids all the time:

Your Brain Needs to Practice Hearing Sounds

As strange as it sounds, the more simple background noises that your brain hears on a regular basis, the better it will be when it needs to hear more complex sounds like someone talking. Even though it may seem like your home environment is silent if you don’t have the TV or radio on, the truth is that there are a number of sounds that you’re not aware of that your brain is always processing, and it needs to process in order to be ready for other sounds.

Your Brain Will Start to Forget How to Hear

The next reason why it’s important to wear your hearing aids all the time is that your brain eventually deletes information it isn’t using regularly, including the ability to hear and process certain sounds. Because your brain is an equal partner with your ears when it comes to being able to hear, you need that half of the partnership to always be ready to interpret what’s coming in, which it can’t do if it’s not able to hear on a regular basis.

You Won’t be Able to Focus Well on Conversations

A big part of what your brain does during the hearing process is filters out sounds that aren’t important to help you focus on the sounds that are, like people speaking. This is something that normally happens automatically, but this ability becomes greatly diminished if you don’t keep your hearing aids in all the time. Instead, when you do put in your hearing aids, then your brain doesn’t know what to focus on because it can no longer distinguish between important sounds and background noises.

You Will Have an Increased Risk of Developing Dementia

Recently, there has been some groundbreaking research that has shown a definite link between untreated hearing loss and the development of dementia, with people that go longer without treating their hearing loss developing it much sooner than those who had untreated hearing loss for a shorter amount of time. This is because of the brain’s resources that are diverted from memory and comprehension to hearing which compromises important parts of your brain, leading to dementia.

You Are Putting Your Life at Risk

If you’re not wearing your hearing aids all day long, you won’t be able to hear things like fire and gas alarms going off in your home or the tornado siren going off down the street, which can put your life in danger. These alarms exist to save you, but if you can’t hear them, they won’t work. There are other sounds that can alert you to dangers in and around your home that you need your hearing aids to hear, which is why it’s important to wear your hearing aids all day.

How to Wear Your Hearing Aids Every Day

The easiest way to wear your hearing aids every day is to make it part of your morning routine. This can be difficult since you don’t normally think about your ears when getting ready in the morning, but it’s necessary if you’re going to remember to wear your hearing aids every day. If you need to post notes around your bedroom and bathroom to get yourself in the habit, do it! It will certainly save your brain and might even save your life.