There are a number of ways that hearing loss affects you, your body, and your life. In fact, if left untreated, hearing loss will make you question everything. Keep reading to find out more about why hearing loss will make you question everything.

  1. “What did you say?”

One of the most difficult things that comes with hearing loss is that you won’t be able to hear what other people are saying. Many times, hearing loss may be centered around certain consonant sounds, so you may be able to hear parts of what others are saying, but not everything. This makes it sound like everybody is mumbling even though they aren’t, forcing you to constantly ask “What?”

  1. “Did anybody else hear that?”

Another condition that often comes with hearing loss is tinnitus, more commonly referred to as ringing in the ears. This will certainly make you question everything as you’ll be hearing things that other people aren’t. Tinnitus may be constant, or it can also come and go, making it hard to know for sure when and how it’s going to affect you.

  1. “Why even bother?”

Those with hearing loss tend to experience higher rates of depression. This is because not being able to interact with people as easily leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness which then leads to depression. Hearing loss also makes it harder to enjoy some of the things you loved, like listening to music, watching TV, and going to the movie theater, which only increases feelings of depression.

  1. “Who are you? Who am I?”

The more severe the hearing loss, the more likely it is to lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is believed to be the result of decreased activity in the brain in the same areas where hearing is processed. Since hearing primarily happens in the brain, when the brain is no longer interpreting sounds, it starts to atrophy which leads to dementia, the very definition of questioning everything.

  1. “What was I doing again?”

For the same reasons mentioned above about the connection between the brain and hearing, those with hearing loss often also suffer from impaired memory. This can be extremely frustrating to not be able to remember even the simplest of tasks, and will often lead to irritability and anger towards other people. When you constantly find yourself questioning what you were doing, it’s no surprise that you’ll end up frustrated.

  1. “Am I safe?”

So much of your physical safety depends on your ability to hear. If you are out in public, you need to hear everything from cars to other people so you won’t run into them or have them run over you. Even in your own home your hearing loss can mean trouble. Most alarms have high-pitched sounds that are meant to grab your attention, but since people with hearing loss often can’t hear high-pitched sounds, you could miss the fire or carbon monoxide alarm.

  1. “Will I lose my job?”

Studies have shown that there is a definite connection between hearing loss and low job performance. Many times, this is because people with hearing loss miss important things which causes their performance to suffer. In turn, this could mean getting passed up for raises and promotions or even losing your job.

  1. “Should I get hearing aids?”

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, in most cases, hearing aids will be the right choice for you. They’ll help you clearly understand what others are saying which can help you avoid depression, and will keep your brain working to keep your risk of developing dementia at a minimum. They will also help you keep your job and maybe even save your life. Hearing aids will certainly keep you from questioning everything.