Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage

Check your hearing aid benefits today

We are excited to be in network with the areas largest health insurance providers and to be able to serve the employees of the areas largest businesses.

We've worked with insurance from Amazon and Toyota so the Hebron, Kentucky employees can get the hearing help they need.

We work with the largest benefit group in Kentucky to help get retired teachers coverage for hearing aids. We are in network with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana and GEHA insurance providers.

Retired Cincinnati Bell employees, retired teachers from Kentucky, current GE, Toshiba, P&G, IRS, USPS and UPS employees and other greater Cincinnati area companies can all take advantage of hearing aid insurance at Next Generation Hearing Care in Florence, Kentucky.

The form below will allow you to discover the hearing benefits you may have through your current health provider. Once you've completed the form please allow 24 business hours to hear back from us.

If you have any question before submitting the information online please call our Florence office at 859-384-0333.


Many People ask if Medicare pays anything toward hearing aids. At this point in time Medicare does not pay for hearing devices. We do however work with programs that provide large discounts on hearing aids, or in some case hearing aids for almost nothing out of pocket. There are a few Medicare connected policies and supplements that have a small benefit. We can check on these benefits for you and discuss everything with you in our office.

Starkey Foundation

For those with virtually no means to purchase hearing aids at full price, have no insurance benefits and are not in a position to finance the cost there is a wonderful program at the Starkey Hearing Foundation. We are proud to work with the foundation and provide hearing aids to those who can't afford them. The application can be filled out in our office or you can check the Starkey Hearing Foundation - Hear Now website. Starkey Hear Now.

Alternative Options

There are some case where there is no direct hearing aid insurance coverage. In those case it is helpful to keep in mind you don't need the very best to do better. The average hearing device cost less than a cup of coffee a day. There are some discount programs available and there are financing option available as well. We are happy to discuss all these options with you at your appointment. Before you come you can check CareCredit.com for financing information.

Insurance Follow up Appointment

We will be in touch soon about your hearing health coverage and benefits. You are welcome to schedule an appointment using our online scheduling tool. Click the tool and in 3 easy step you'll be set to meet us in person.