Hearing Aid Cleaning

Cleaning Your Devices

There are some basic cleaning tip that you can do at home.

  • Brush the device where the microphones are located.
  • Brush the device at the tip (the end that goes into the ear).
  • Place the devices in a dry box at night.
  • Use an alcohol swab to clean and disinfect the the tips and the body of the aid.
  • Change the filters, wax guards or hear clears regularly.

In-Office Hearing Aid Cleaning

We'll Help You Keep You Hearing Aids Clean

Want to get the most out of your hearing health investment? Have your devices cleaned regularly. We recommend having the device cleaned every 3 months.  We don't recommend taking your device apart or attempting to change parts on your own. During your clean and check visit you'll have a great opportunity to let your hearing professional know if you've observed any decline in the hearing aid's performance. It's also a good time to describe situations that you may find are still challenging to hear in. Many times the hearing device just needs a good cleaning. Other times, the device may need to be adjusted to changes in your hearing. Routine visits are helpful in getting the most out of your hearing devices.

What  you get from us (each style of hearing aid is different):

  • New tips
  • New tubes
  • New filters
  • New microphone covers
  • Cleaned battery contact
  • Moisture check
  • Compression dried
  • Listening check
  • Cleaning and disinfecting