If you have an iPhone, then there are a number of hearing aids that will benefit you greatly as they are made to work with your iPhone to improve your hearing aid experience and make it significantly easier for you. This technology is available in a number of styles of hearing aids, so you’re sure to benefit from it no matter what type of hearing aid you get.

The best made for iPhone hearing aid technology is Audibel’s A4 iQ. Here, we’ve included some of the features that you can enjoy if you choose this type of hearing aid to treat your hearing loss.

  1. Acuity Immersion Directionality

One of the biggest complaints that hearing aid users have is that they hear differently than before. This is because many hearing aids simply amplify all the sounds that enter them rather than just the important ones. With the Audibel A4 iQ hearing aid technology, you can enjoy more natural hearing as this technology mimics natural hearing and helps you hear just what you want to hear.

  1. Better Phone Communication

These best made for iPhone hearing aids help you communicate on the phone better than ever. You can connect your iPhone to the hearing aids through Bluetooth technology and your phone calls will be streamed directly to your hearing aids. You’ll both be able to hear and be understood more clearly so you no longer have to struggle with phone calls because of your hearing loss.

  1. Automatic Mode Switches

When your hearing aids are connected to your iPhone by GPS, then you can experience automatic mode switches so that you don’t have to be constantly playing with your hearing aid settings. Instead, your hearing aid modes will change automatically when you get to certain locations that you set yourself as memories. It makes life so much easier when your hearing aids switch to the mode you need for the situation you’re in without you having to do anything or even think about it.

  1. Personalized Hearing

By going into the TruLink app, you can quickly and easily make adjustments to both the Noise Manager and SoundSpace so that they’re exactly the levels you need them. This way, you can get the most personalized hearing possible. It’s also easier than making adjustments to many traditional hearing aids since you can do it from your app by simply touching the screen as opposed to messing with tiny physical buttons.

  1. Feedback Cancelation System

With any hearing aid that’s a single unit, users frequently face the problem of feedback. This is because the microphone and receiver are far too close together and often create a whistling or buzzing noise. However, Audibel’s A4 iQ hearing aid technology works to eliminate that feedback so you can comfortably enjoy better hearing all day long.

  1. Durable

The three biggest dangers to hearing aids are moisture, water, and ear wax, as these can get inside and destroy the inner parts. However, these made for iPhone hearing aids come with Surface NanoShield, a new technology that helps keep moisture, water, and ear wax out of your hearing aids so they last longer, allowing you to keep using the same hearing aids for several years.

  1. Experience Music Again

Most hearing aids focus on improving a person’s ability to hear people talking clearly. This leaves music sounding distorted and can be extremely disappointing for music lovers. However, with Audibel’s A4 iQ technology, you can get a crystal-clear music experience once again, streamed right into your hearing aids.

If you’re looking into hearing aids and wants one that does more, consider one of these made for iPhone hearing aids and ask your hearing expert about it today.