For people who aren’t quite ready for a hearing aid, there are hearing amplifiers that will help boost your ability to hear. The biggest advantage to hearing amplifiers is that they’re cheaper than hearing aids which makes it easier for most people to get one, as long as they only have mild hearing loss. However, because they are not custom-fit, they’re often not nearly as comfortable as hearing aids, nor do they provide a hearing solution for more severe forms of hearing loss.

The best hearing amplifier on the market today is the AMP by Audibel. Because this company also makes high-quality hearing aids, you can rest assured that the AMP hearing amplifier is also made with the same excellent standards. Although hearing amplifiers are often described as reading glasses for the ears, these do come with a few features that put them above the rest and will allow anyone needing some help with their hearing to be able to hear better.

Here are some of the features of the AMP hearing amplifiers:


For most people, this hearing amplifier will be completely invisible to other people, even if they’re looking at your ears. This is because of its small size that allows it to be nestled completely in the ear, much like an invisible-in-ear hearing aid. It is important to keep in mind that while this does work well for most people, individual results may vary. If your ear canal is an unusual shape, size, or thickness, you may not be able to wear these hearing amplifiers so they’re completely invisible.

Feedback Elimination Technology

One of the most common problems with small hearing devices is that the microphone which takes in the sound and the receiver which sends sound out to the ear are close together and enclosed in the same device. This is what can lead to feedback, especially when you are talking on the phone or your ear is covered in some way, like if you’re being hugged. These feedback sounds can show up in the form of whistling or buzzing and can be very frustrating to deal with.

With the AMP hearing amplifier, however, you get the advantage of feedback elimination technology that prevents feedback from becoming a problem so that you can keep your hearing amplifiers in all day and in every situation without worrying about feedback. Many hearing amplifiers don’t offer this feature, which helps set the AMP hearing amplifier apart from the competition in terms of comfort and adaptability to various situations.

One Visit

Unlike hearing aids that can take several visits to a hearing professional before being able to take advantage of an improved ability to hear, the AMP hearing amplifiers only require one visit and you’ll instantly be able to start hearing better. This is because many hearing aids are custom-fit which requires time to make the ear molds, and because hearing aids need to be adjusted several times before they will work properly with your hearing.

However, because the AMP hearing amplifier isn’t custom-fitted and doesn’t need to be adjusted, it’s as easy as going into your local hearing center, having your hearing tested, and purchasing your hearing amplifiers. Then all you have to do is put them in to start hearing better again. For people that have mild hearing loss and want a fast solution, hearing amplifiers are by far the best choice since it’s fast and easy to get them and start hearing better.

If you think a hearing amplifier may be the right choice for you, then give your hearing aid specialist a call today for more information about AMP hearing amplifiers and to get set up for a hearing test.