Completely-in-canal hearing aids are great for those who want a high-quality hearing experience without the bulkiness of larger models of hearing aids who may also have trouble handing the small size of invisible-in-canal hearing aids. If you’re looking for the best experience with your complete-in-canal hearing aid, then you need the latest technology.

The latest technology offered in completely-in-canal hearing aids that has a number of amazing features to help you hear well again is Audibel A4 iQ. Here are some of the features that this technology offers its users for the best hearing solution available.

Acuity Immersion DirectionalityIn-Canal Hearing Aid

This patented technology is new and only available in the Audibel A4 iQ. It helps wearers by mimicking the way the ear naturally works. This allows you to hear better in noisy environments where focusing on someone talking would normally be hard with hearing aids since many simply amplify all of the incoming sounds. This completely-in-canal hearing aid, however, automatically filters out background sounds so you can hear what someone is saying even with a lot of background interference.

SurfLink Compatibility

Even with the best hearing aids, it can still be a challenge to listen to music or the television, and to talk on the phone. That’s why these complete-in-canal hearing aids come with SurfLink compatibility, so you can connect them to a number of SurfLink devices which will stream music, sound, and phone calls directly to your hearing aids so you can hear them without struggling or having to crank up the volume.

Personalized Hearing Solution

For some people, adjusting to hearing aids can be difficult, especially when they’ve dealt with untreated hearing loss for a long time. For that reason, the Audibel A4 iQ was designed to help you adjust more quickly by allowing for gradual adjustments so you can get used to having hearing aids at your own pace. It also provides distortion-free sound quality which works with your brain to quickly recognize sounds that it may not have heard in a while.

Feedback Cancellation System

One of the biggest drawbacks of completely-in-canal hearing aids is that the proximity of the microphone and receiver that acts as a speaker can lead to feedback, buzzing, and whistling sounds. To combat that, these have incorporated a state-of-the-art feedback cancellation system so you can enjoy the discreet nature of these hearing aids without the drawbacks.

Surface NanoShield Technology

This unique protection system keeps your hearing aids safer from moisture, water, and wax which can get into the unit can wreak havoc on hearing aids. Because these complete-in-canal hearing aids use this system to keep everything out, your hearing aids will last longer and be more dependable because they won’t get dirty as quickly, which can impede their ability to work properly.

Distortion-Free Music

Because hearing aids are designed primarily to help users be able to hear people speaking, they often end up distorting other sounds, like music. This is especially hard for music aficionados as they can no longer hear their favorite music like it was meant to be. The Audibel A4 iQ solves that problem with a more pure and refined music-listening experience for wearers to be able to thoroughly enjoy music again.

Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

For those suffering from tinnitus as well as hearing loss, these completely-in-canal use technology that offers relief from tinnitus by offering customizable options. You get to choose from several sounds and set the volume so that you can get the relief that you need from tinnitus and make adjustments depending on the situation so you don’t have to hear the ringing in your ears.

If you think that these completely-in-canal hearing aids might be right for you, be sure to talk to an audiologist specialist today.