With so many different hearing aids on the market today, it’s no surprise that it’s hard to figure out which hearing aids are right for you. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best-in-class hearing aids based on our experience and hearing aid reviews from real users. We’ve gathered a list of the best type of hearing aid available for each of the styles of hearing aids that are available.

The Best-in-Class Invisible-In-Ear Hearing AidInvisible-In-Ear Hearing Aid

When it comes to these tiny hearing aids that can’t be seen from the outside of the ear, the best option is the Invisibel Synergy iQ. It’s the smallest hearing aid in the world and because it’s custom-fit to your ear, it’s also the most comfortable. Not only does it offer an amazing hearing experience, but it also offers a number of advanced features including wireless streaming.

The Best-in-Class Completely-In-Canal Hearing AidCompletely-In-Canal Hearing Aid

If you want the best technology packed into a hearing aid that fits completely into your ear canal so that it’s barely visible from the outside, you’ll want to go with the Audibel A4 iQ. This is the latest in hearing aid technology and it’s no surprise that it’s packed with features including rechargeable hearing aids so you don’t have to mess with batteries.

The Best-in-Class Hearing AmplifierHearing Amplifier

For many people who have some mild hearing loss, they can opt for a hearing amplifier rather than a hearing aid. If you’re looking for the best hearing amplifier, look no further than AMP. One of the biggest advantages of this hearing amplifier is that for most people, it will fit inside your ear and be invisible from the outside.

The Best-in-Class Receiver-In-Canal Hearing AidReceiver-In-Canal Hearing Aid

For those with mild to severe hearing loss who want to take advantage of the improved strength of a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, the best choice is the Audibel A4 iQ. It not only delivers an immersive hearing experience like no other, but it also has an incredible range of advance features like wireless streaming and an anti-feedback system.

The Best-in-Class Made for iPhone Hearing AidsMade for iPhone Hearing Aids

People with hearing loss that use their iPhones a lot will greatly benefit from a hearing aid that pairs with their iPhone to stream calls directly to their hearing aids. The Audibel A4i iQ is the best-in-class when it comes to made for iPhone hearing aids and will provide you with the best hearing experience using their many advanced features such as automatic mode switches.

The Best-in-Class Behind-The-Ear Hearing AidsBehind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

In cases of moderate to severe hearing loss, only a behind-the-ear hearing aid will do, and for those who want the best, the only option is the Audibel A4 iQ. This hearing aid offers a superior sound quality for users and is built to last as it’s protected by Surface NanoShield which is designed to repel moisture, wax, and water to keep your hearing aid safe.

The Best-in-Class In-The-Ear Hearing AidIn-The-Ear Hearing Aid

In-the-ear hearing aids provide a more discreet hearing aid solution to those who are suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. The best in-the-ear hearing aid technology today is the Audibel A4 iQ which helps you hear everything that you’ve been missing out on with Acuity Immersion Directionality technology that mimics the way your ear naturally works.

The Best-in-Class In-The-Canal Hearing AidIn-The-Canal Hearing Aid

For those who want an in-the-canal hearing aid that fits comfortably into your ear canal, the best option is the Audibel A4 iQ. With this most advanced in-the-canal hearing aid, you will be able to hear better than ever and take advantage of the many extra features it has to offer, such as rechargeable hearing aids.

The Best-in-Class Tinnitus Hearing AidsTinnitus Hearing Aids

When tinnitus is your primary concern, you need a hearing aid that is specially-designed to deal with the unique challenges that come with having tinnitus. Fortunately, there is the Audibel A4 iQ outfitted with Multiflex Tinnitus Technology which offers users customizable sound options to ensure that the ringing in your ears won’t be a problem.