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Audibel Aires Pro



$ 1,000 USD $ 499 USD


$ 2,000 USD $ 998 USD

Audibel Aires PRO  BTE Hearing Aid

Available in beige.

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6 Month Warranty. 30 day money-back guarantee.

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The Aires hearing system is powered by Starkey's Hearing Technology. The technology inside leverages the power of nanoscience to pack more features than ever into each Aries hearing aid and to activate these features automatically. Aires hearing aids are great hearing aids that offer three specific features that address wears' most common complaints: Active Feedback Cancelation, which halts that annoying whistling sound often associated with old hearing aids; Directional Speech Enhancement, which focuses the hearing aid microphones and lets users hear exactly what they want to hear, even in noisy situations; and Acoustic Signature Response, which allows the hearing aid to automatically and instantaneously detect sounds in your listening environment and to switch to a noise filtering mode, making it nearly instantaneous in its response.

With these features, Aries PRO hearing aids offer users extremely natural and powerful hearing.

Features include:

Voice indicators - use speech to alert wearers of hearing aid status

6 Channels for sound adaptation

Equalizer bands for a precise level of fine-tuning

Acoustic Signature Response - state of the art environmental detection and adaptation to sound

Identifies unique sounds in various environments and adjusts to them instantly to improve the listening situation.

Automatically detects and optimizes settings for listening in: speech, speech in noise, mechanical sounds, wind, and quiet

Virtually eliminates feedback

Prevents whistling

Works in concert with Directional Speech Detector and Acoustic Signature to produce a clean, feedback-free sound

Instantaneously and automatically adjusts for enhanced telephone conversations

Automatically adjusts in the presences of noise

Improves speech intelligibility in noisy situations

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